Betty & Bill Broll

Betty and Bill’s vision of Broll Mountain Vineyards is a combination of two amazing family histories.

Betty is the youngest of three children born to Willie Mae and Marshall Tyler, two orphans who began their love story at age 9 in an orphanage in Waco, Texas. Having grown up without their own parents, Willie Mae and Marshall instilled into Betty and her brothers the importance of a strong family bond, and that struggle is part of the journey.

Bill grew up in a family deeply entrenched in the beverage industry on the East Coast. Bill’s grandfather, Charles Guth, formed the modern day Pepsi Cola Company. Instead of following in the family tradition, Bill decided to follow his own path, travel to the West Coast, and successfully practice law. Bill was taught the importance of family honor, being true to ones’ word, and following one’s dream.

Betty’s strong sense of family combined with Bill’s family integrity and drive is the core of Broll Mountain Vineyards. Upon formation of Broll Mountain Vineyards, Betty and Bill immediately involved family in decisions and planning. Daughter Belinda Wood assists with event planning and marketing. Son Brandon Broll assists with strategy and operations. Broll Mountain Vineyards is a wine rich in family history.

Betty, Bill, and their dog Baxter share their time between the Sierra foothills, Marin County and the Cochella Valley.


Brandon Broll, COO

Brandon is proud to be working together with Betty, Bill and sister Belinda to continually improve Broll Mountain Vineyards.  Brandon oversees farming operations, wine making, sales, technology, and strategy.

Brandon believes that the best quality fruit is grown through natural practices. Therefore, Brandon is transitioning Broll Mountain Vineyards into an organic vineyard.  BMV has been farming with organic materials since 2014.  Brandon is already tasting the difference in grape quality by going organic.  Broll’s reputation for growing the best grapes in the region is just going to get better.

Brandon is currently working on blending BMV’s award winning varietals.  The first blends will be a Meritage and a Syrah/Petite Sirah combination.  Both have been barrel tested and the results are incredible.  BMV hopes to release these blends in 2017.

Brandon’s professional background is in real estate, finance, and technology.  Brandon owns a real estate investment company focused on purchasing and renovating apartment buildings in Northern California.  Brandon is also launching a commercial real estate social application (

Brandon’s vision is to produce wines that compete with the best wines from California.

Michelle Bauer

Michelle has been the Broll Mountain Vineyards tasting room manager since 2009.  As tasting room manager, Michelle’s job is to make sure guests have a warm and welcoming wine tasting and purchasing experience.  She loves meeting people from all over the world who come to taste Broll Mountain Vineyards’ wines and hearing their stories.  Michelle formerly worked at the Calaveras County visitors center;  so, in addition to being the friendly face of the Broll Mountain Vineyards tasting room, she’s also a wonderful resource for visitors.   Michelle loves her job at Broll Mountain Vineyards and she feels lucky to live in the charming town of Murphys.

Michelle has been part of the incredible Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program since 2011.  With her 15-year old mentee, Michelle donates her time to “Silver Paw,” an organization that trains dogs to assist veterans.